My plan

One thing I’ve learned is that as individual as our personalities are, so is how our body loses or maintains its weight.  What works for me, might not work for you. Nothing I post here is advice or instructions for what *you* should do.  Food for thought  – yes, yummy recipes to try – yes!

I am simply sharing what I’ve learned works best for me.

I follow the guidelines set out in a book by Drs. Richard and Rachel Heller – The Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program.

I eat almost exclusively gluten-free – not because it is a popular trend, but because I am supporting my husband who physically feels better when eating this way.   Not to mention the fact that my blood sugar spikes when I have a piece of white bread or wheat products such as pasta.  It does not spike to the same degree when I have rice or rice-based products.

I prefer a primal approach as I understand it – grass-fed beef, organic meats and veggies when I can afford it, homegrown veggies as much as I have time (and the talent) to grow. Locally grown produce be it organic or not, local eggs.

I prefer pastured butter, raw milk cheeses – not because it’s an “in” thing, but because they taste normal to me.  Ultra-pasturized and homogenized milk tastes nothing like the milk I had growing up.  My grandparent’s had a dairy farm, and milk on the dinner table came from a cow milked earlier in the day, the milk strained through a tea towel.  It was delicious and had such flavor.  Today’s milk tastes bland to me.

I lost quite a bit of weight following just CALP principles then hit a many month plateau, which at the end became a time of slight gain. I was not going to let that happen, so decided to do a trial of watching my calories.

I set up a free account at My Fitness Pal chose a daily limit designed for slow loss of 1 pound per week, and ignored the limits they set for how much fat/protein/carbohydrates/sodium I should have in a day.

I continued to follow CALP principles for meal composition and frequency, but used calories as a way of checking my portions.  My belief was I was eating properly in terms of what I was eating, I was just eating too much of it.

I committed to a trial of using MFP and at the end of a month, had lost 6+ lbs.  I continued that “trial” and have lost over 58 lbs. since I began this experiment last May.  January 2015 update: I have now lost 120+ pounds since beginning to use MFP and a daily calorie limit to help me relearn what a normal portion is.

I’ve also worked in exercise, finally.  I have poor circulation in my legs, and knew that for no other reason, using my recumbent stationary exercise bike would be good for my legs.  I shoot for using it 3 times a week at a minimum, but am actually using it at least 5 times per week.  It has helped reshape my thighs, and certainly is helping to change how my pants fit!

So, this is my tailored to me plan.  CALP for meal composition, frequency, and duration (I keep all meals to 60 minutes maximum), a daily calorie limit which helps me be sure I’m not eating way too much of the good stuff I make, and exercise to help reshape my body.

and eating yummy food at that