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Links to some of my favorite recipes – some suitable for low carbohydrate meals, some for Reward Meal only – worth the calories and carbohydrates!

Green Chicken Enchilada Cauliflower Casserole

This is a new to me recipe that I tried for our Reward Meal last night – but it is a CM recipe, suitable for any meal.

I would classify this as a cold weather comfort dish, as it is very rich and dense.  I did make some adjustments, but would encourage you to try the recipe as written (especially if you are counting calories, as the author has all that figured out for you, if made as written.)

Green Chicken Enchilada Cauliflower Casserole is simple, easy to make and just scrumptious.
Melissa Sevigny of hits it out of the park again!

My adjustments were to increase the amount of shredded chicken used, and the amount of salsa verde.  Photo will be added to this post next time I make this dish!

Sour Cream Pancakes – Yes, they do work!

I tried a new recipe today for my Sunday Reward Meal brunch.  The recipe is for sour cream pancakes, and it uses considerably less flour than traditional pancake recipes do.

Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes published on the Pioneer Woman’s website is a keeper of a recipe.  If you are not worried about calories OR if you prefer that they are coming from fat instead of flours, this recipe is for you.

Using just 7 tablespoons of flour to make pancakes for two, with eggs and a full cup of sour cream as  protein components in the recipe to offset the carbohydrates (does call for a minimum of 1 tablespoon of sugar), it is my kind of treat.

Next time I make these (which my husband loved declaring them “not tough at all” and “delicious”), I will take a good photo and add to this post.

Leeks with Mustard-Bacon Vinaigrette

It is unusual for me to post a link to a dish I have not yet made, but that is how confident I am in the dish!

I love many of the recipes by this author – Slim Palate, and know this will be an excellent dish for my planned Easter menu.

It is his variation of a Leeks Vinaigrette recipe from My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz.

I have homegrown leeks to use and all the ingredients here are low carbohydrate, making it a perfect side dish for our Easter Ham!

Leeks with Mustard-Bacon Vinaigrette

Cuban Pot Roast – for those cold and snowy days!

This wonderful recipe is cooking right now and the smells permeating my house are maddening!

Cuban Pot Roast from Mellissa Sevigny of I breathe Im hungry – one of my favorite blogs.

I so love how this recipe came together, and will be trying the dish in the future with chicken as well.