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Starting my day with my weight!

I am here!

May in Chinook Pass
Snow, fog and sun going over Chinook Pass.

Since I last posted, my daily weights have been May 19 – 151.0.
May 20th – 151.3
May 21st -152.1
May 22nd -152.1
May 23rd – 151.8
May 24th – 151.6
Memorial Day – 154.0 (oof!) New weight by average: 151.8.

Today, the 26th – 153.7.
I am having some concern over the past two days, and will be working to see 151’s again within a couple of days.

My maintenance goal is an average weight of 150-153.  Right there, and want to stay there!

We had a lovely drive to the Yakima area of WA state to buy fresh vegetables for something less than the arm and a leg they are charging for them locally.  We came home with fresh baby bok choy, zucchini, asparagus and first of the season cherries.  As usual in this lovely state, many photo opportunities, and even though just taken with my phone camera, I think the photo in this post shares nicely just how breathtaking a drive we had home, going back over Chinook Pass.

Goodness – Didn’t Expect This!

I had a new low this morning and officially, for at least today, hit my current goal of 150.0.  I would like it to be an averaged weight, but am still quite happy to see it.

I am almost done running a fever, and back to normal activities.  No more napping!

Still feeling punky

I am still having a low grade fever, but so pleased to see a weight this morning of 151.5.  At least I am bouncing within my chosen range of 150-153 (albeit 153+ has happened and I don’t like being above 153 even by a smidge!).

I find that saying “yes” is very important to being in maintenance…yes to staying on my eating plan, yes to eating healthy, yes to continuing to do what is best for me with when, why and how much I eat.

Staying Steady

I became very ill early in the morning of the 14th, but am going to keep that private.  My weight, not surprisingly, was way down that morning – 150.1.

I spent most of the day sleeping.

This morning my weight was back up to 152.9.  I had a much better day today, for which I am very grateful!

Ugh..I think it might be the flu

I had a great morning and it’s been downhill since.  My weight this am was 153.2.  Not really happy being at the top of my range for the past 3 days.

No fruit for lunch for me today!

As of this eve, I’m dealing with a fever and other uncomfortable “situations”.  Hope this isn’t flu and hope it’s gone as quickly as it arrived.


I ended up doing something I had not done in 4 years for Sunday’s dinner cm.  I had another Reward Meal.  I decided that I was okay with this, but am not sure that was an honest answer.

Monday the 20th, my weight was up to 155.8.  I was not surprised, given hospital food and iv hydration, then an unbalanced Reward Meal on Saturday, and Sunday’s double Reward Meals.

Today my weight is up even more, to 156.0.  However, I am not worried.  I care more about my attitude, my choosing to be on plan and stay there, then this not unexpected weight swing.

I give myself permission and I choose, to be on plan, to eat the way I feel best and am truly, the most satisfied on.

I expect to see my weight start ticking back down, hopefully as soon as Wednesday.  Either way, I will share about it!

Well, isn’t that interesting

My weight today is 152.5, and I have no idea what my weight was on Friday the 18th or Saturday the 19th.

I very unexpectedly fainted early am on Friday and have a spectacular array of bruises to show for it, as well as numerous punctures from all the serial blood tests done while in the hospital from Friday through over half of Saturday.

All I will share from this is that it is SO important to not get dehydrated, and that trying to be completely on plan while in the hospital is challenging!

I handled my food this way – breakfast was scrambled eggs with bits of diced sausage, red bell pepper, mushrooms and onion with cheese, 1 half and half with coffee.

Lunch was chef salad – first day with a mistake of a choice as the Asian Sesame dressing was not a citrus sesame vinaigrette as I guessed but more like a Satay sauce with peanuts!  The second day I chose the Balsamic Vinaigrette..much better choice.

The one Reward Meal dinner that I had while a “guest” at this hospital was a garden salad with blue cheese dressing – half of the dressing I used on my grilled chicken sandwich (instead of mayo) which I had tomato, lettuce and a slice of onion added to.  I did indulge in 1 peanut butter cookie (which was sooooooo good).

Once discharged I had the most “I don’t care” overcarbed meal I’ve had in 4 years.  And I still don’t care.  I did have a cm veggie, lots of protein, but just way way way overdid the rest of the meal re carbs.

That was yesterday.

Today, I had a Reward Meal brunch after church – Shari’s Breakfast Panini Sandwich with fresh fruit, 2 half and half with my coffee (which is under 1 oz. total of half and half).

Not completely sure yet what I will do for a cm dinner, but I have some red swiss chard needing to be used, miracle noodles ziti and either chicken, cod or cm chicken Italian sausages that I can use.

I am so grateful to be back home, to have not broken anything, and don’t mind that I just got quite thoroughly checked out re cardiac status.

Back to my water drinking…

Going Down?

Yesterday’s weight was a slightly disappointing 152.9, but I was grateful it was still under 153.  I had a doctor’s appointment, where for the first time in my life, I was told not to lose anymore.  It was wonderful to hear that this doctor thought I should stop now, since she could see the bones of my sternum.  I still have 6-8 pounds to go, depending on if I go to 146 or 144 for a final weight.
I was 153.7 at the office, after having had breakfast and lunch, and was happy with that.

Today’s weight is a new one day low of 150.2!  Working on water intake today (having hot dogs for breakfast and lunch today and they are high in sodium) , and once this blog entry is published, am heading to my exercise bike.  I do not want to be teetering around the 140s for another week or two, I want to be there now!

Having Faith in My Plan

Pretty little Nasco teapcup, from Japan.  Handpainted.
Pretty little Nasco tea cup, from Japan. Hand painted.

This is a pretty little tea cup I picked up 4 of at an auction years ago.

My daily weights since Saturday:
Sunday – 153.4
Monday – 153.8, with a new weight by average of 154.14 – a 1.6 pound gain (eek!)
Tuesday -152.2 The first weight I am really happy about since Easter!

I have faith in my plan and know that the best thing I do for myself when I do see a weight swing up, is to 1) be sure I am really following my plan and 2) keep doing it.

I think it very interesting that I have continued having chocolate since the weight gain after Easter – AND seeing that weight gain dissipate.  It isn’t the chocolate that is the issue, it was how much of it I had.  In balance, as part of a proper Reward Meal, there is not anything that I can not have.  I think over the past 3+ years I have proved that!