About the author

I am a 50 something woman who has been on a journey to find a way to  return to a normal weight and still make traditional family and heritage recipes.  I have refused to believe that in the process of losing weight I had to be hungry, or eat bland & boring food.  I began this journey (not for the first time, but it has become the last time) in April of 2011.  As of 1/1/14, I’ve lost just over 136+ lbs.  I have finished my first year of this blog and thought I should update this! As of 1/1/15 I have lost just over 205 lbs.

As a person with a quirky sense of humor, I thought I’d name my blog as I see my life right now – eating myself to thin (far preferable to doing so to death).

I plan to share recipes I’ve found, recipes I’ve created, show how the way I eat – which is lower carb,  usually gluten-free, and with the best from scratch ingredients I can afford, works.

I will share my past success, how much my life has changed with the weight I’ve lost to date, and my journey going forward as I lose the last  87+ lbs. and move into maintenance.

My reasons for going on this journey are several fold.  I have a husband that I adore, who is younger than I.  I truly want to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, which will be when I’m 90.

I am not interested in the current medical options for knee replacement, though I’ve been advised to have both knees replaced.  I have, with the weight lost to date, been able to get off the Nsaid I was on for way too long, ditch my cane, and no longer have chronic knee pain.

I developed atrial flutter in early Spring of 2012. Truly an eye opener as I watched how concerned the medical staff was as I failed to respond to the medications I was given to slow and correct my heart rate and rhythm.  I was advised and agreed to have an atrial ablation done, and have to say, the experience of being the patient on a telemetry unit was scary and sobering.   Because of my weight, they almost could not thread into my femoral artery for the procedure.  I could have died.  I would have been so surprised because I honestly felt fine – just could feel that my heart beat was super fast and not in normal rhythm.  It was a surreal experience. Update: As of late December 2014 I am now off any medication for hypertension – the first time this has been the case in almost 30 years.

There are many things I want to do in my future!  I don’t want those plans waylaid by too much weight and/or worsening health.

I love travel, photography, writing, and my business built around my love of, and life with some extraordinary felines.


and eating yummy food at that