Worth Repeating

So very true!
So very true!

My Facebook memory was eye-opening today.  On this day, 2 years ago, I was 6 pounds from a goal of 146.  It was just before two of my doctors (a cardiologist and a pulmonologist) asked/told me to stop losing.

2 years later, I am working to lose the weight I regained, thankfully, nowhere near my highest.

I hope to say within the next two months, that I have “just” 100 pounds to go.  I am losing at my usual steady, slow rate – almost 17 pounds off since January 1st.

I have a new higher goal as my final weight – I really was too gaunt and thin at my “almost at goal” weight of 2 years ago.  I don’t mind  a wee bit of padding on my now “older than I feel by a longshot” bones.

I am doing what worked so well when I lost 216 over a four-year period. A daily calorie limit, and following CALP principles as to meal composition and frequency.

Breakfast today for example, was a Breakfast Bar (explanation to follow) and 1 oz. half and half with my coffee.

Breakfast Bar’s are a recipe I got from a list years ago, that I have amended to suit my husband and myself.  It uses a recipe called Laura’s Sausage to make a homemade breakfast sausage using plain ground pork and seasonings.

You make a 1-2 pound batch of this, spread thin in a rectangular glass baking dish (love Pyrex), bake, drain off grease and pour your toppings.

The original recipe calls for a dozen eggs, 16 oz. of shredded cheese.  I have changed that to just 8 oz. of cheese and added vegetables – 4 diced mini bell peppers in yellow, orange and red, 4 scallions, and 4 large mushrooms.

Once done, I cut this into 8 squares, and it is breakfast for my husband and myself for Monday – Thursday.  Each bar is under 350 calories if made with just 1 pound of the homemade sausage.

I will post the recipe and photos once I get some better photos.

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