Almost 2 weeks back on plan

I have continued to be ill with bronchitis, and due to the way my body responds to a max strength formula of Mucinex, dropped 13 pounds my first week back on plan.

I am now finishing up my second week, and to my delight, my weight is holding steady at 12 pounds off in under 2 weeks.

Most importantly, I am enjoying my meals, and my body feels so much better when I eat this way.

Brief recap of how I eat. Two meals a day, and any snacks, are composed of protein and a low carbohydrate vegetable.  These are  “craving reducing” meals aka CMs.

One meal a day  will start with a salad (or a cm vegetable), and the meal will contain 1/3 protein, 1/3 low carb vegetable, and 1/3 complex carbohydrate.  This is the Reward Meal aka RM.

A sample cm breakfast is 2 eggs cooked in butter with sautéed mushrooms and/or mini-sweet bell pepper, 1 oz. half and half with my coffee.

A lunch cm could be what I had today: home brined (no sugars used) and smoked turkey breast diced, with fresh kale, fresh celery,1/4 of a tomato, all boiled with a bit of water to make a broth.  I added 1 tablespoon sour cream and curry powder to the broth and  had a yummy “stew”.

I am looking forward to 2 weeks from now, when I can say I’ve been back to normalcy (for me) for a month!

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