Well really, I am still here

Just dealing with closing my business, and some travel with my husband.  I have had some wibble wobbles with maintenance, and this 11 day vacation I just took (all around British Columbia) did see me off plan for a fair bit of it.

I came home to see quite a weight gain – one that didn’t make sense for just 11 days.  I realized I’d retained water as my lower legs were not their normal shape.  I got back on plan on Sunday July 12th, and as of this morning have lost just under 13 pounds!  I’m eating over 1,700 calories per day, and per calp rules.  Just to make it clear that I am not starving myself to get this weight off.  I have greatly increased my water intake from the poor intake I had while on the road, and it is this, in my opinion, that has helped me so much.

I feel like myself again.  I truly do prefer eating this way, and am looking forward to being back at my preferred maintenance range of 150-153.