I am here!

May in Chinook Pass
Snow, fog and sun going over Chinook Pass.

Since I last posted, my daily weights have been May 19 – 151.0.
May 20th – 151.3
May 21st -152.1
May 22nd -152.1
May 23rd – 151.8
May 24th – 151.6
Memorial Day – 154.0 (oof!) New weight by average: 151.8.

Today, the 26th – 153.7.
I am having some concern over the past two days, and will be working to see 151’s again within a couple of days.

My maintenance goal is an average weight of 150-153.  Right there, and want to stay there!

We had a lovely drive to the Yakima area of WA state to buy fresh vegetables for something less than the arm and a leg they are charging for them locally.  We came home with fresh baby bok choy, zucchini, asparagus and first of the season cherries.  As usual in this lovely state, many photo opportunities, and even though just taken with my phone camera, I think the photo in this post shares nicely just how breathtaking a drive we had home, going back over Chinook Pass.

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