Suddenly I am further down the path

Babies out for a stroll.
Family stroll.

A lot has been happening, and my blog has been neglected as a result.
A brief summary is that after a follow-up appointment with my cardiologist (post hospitalization for fainting), he strongly requested that I stop losing weight for now.  He said I could go forward with losing the small amount I have left to goal, in the future.
I was also told to increase my sodium uptake, and be careful how I handle liquids and food when hiking (salty jerky = good).

It has been quite a shift in focus, and there have been some changes with how I am handling what I eat.  I am using an increased daily calorie limit of 1760, and added in some carbs outside my Reward Meal.  Not just any carbohydrates, but apples or almonds (or a mix of nuts). I plan to add avocado as an acceptable addition at meals outside my Reward Meal as well.

This is all trial and error.  If I get cravings, if my weight does not stay in the 3 pound range I have chosen (an average weight of 150 to 153), then I will again adjust.

During this time, I also made the decision to close my business.  I want to move forward with other things in my life, it was just time.

I will post all my daily weights since the last time I posted them, and now do better at posting regularly again.

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