I am here!

May in Chinook Pass
Snow, fog and sun going over Chinook Pass.

Since I last posted, my daily weights have been May 19 – 151.0.
May 20th – 151.3
May 21st -152.1
May 22nd -152.1
May 23rd – 151.8
May 24th – 151.6
Memorial Day – 154.0 (oof!) New weight by average: 151.8.

Today, the 26th – 153.7.
I am having some concern over the past two days, and will be working to see 151’s again within a couple of days.

My maintenance goal is an average weight of 150-153.  Right there, and want to stay there!

We had a lovely drive to the Yakima area of WA state to buy fresh vegetables for something less than the arm and a leg they are charging for them locally.  We came home with fresh baby bok choy, zucchini, asparagus and first of the season cherries.  As usual in this lovely state, many photo opportunities, and even though just taken with my phone camera, I think the photo in this post shares nicely just how breathtaking a drive we had home, going back over Chinook Pass.

Goodness – Didn’t Expect This!

I had a new low this morning and officially, for at least today, hit my current goal of 150.0.  I would like it to be an averaged weight, but am still quite happy to see it.

I am almost done running a fever, and back to normal activities.  No more napping!

Still feeling punky

I am still having a low grade fever, but so pleased to see a weight this morning of 151.5.  At least I am bouncing within my chosen range of 150-153 (albeit 153+ has happened and I don’t like being above 153 even by a smidge!).

I find that saying “yes” is very important to being in maintenance…yes to staying on my eating plan, yes to eating healthy, yes to continuing to do what is best for me with when, why and how much I eat.

Staying Steady

I became very ill early in the morning of the 14th, but am going to keep that private.  My weight, not surprisingly, was way down that morning – 150.1.

I spent most of the day sleeping.

This morning my weight was back up to 152.9.  I had a much better day today, for which I am very grateful!

Ugh..I think it might be the flu

I had a great morning and it’s been downhill since.  My weight this am was 153.2.  Not really happy being at the top of my range for the past 3 days.

No fruit for lunch for me today!

As of this eve, I’m dealing with a fever and other uncomfortable “situations”.  Hope this isn’t flu and hope it’s gone as quickly as it arrived.

Suddenly I am further down the path

Babies out for a stroll.
Family stroll.

A lot has been happening, and my blog has been neglected as a result.
A brief summary is that after a follow-up appointment with my cardiologist (post hospitalization for fainting), he strongly requested that I stop losing weight for now.  He said I could go forward with losing the small amount I have left to goal, in the future.
I was also told to increase my sodium uptake, and be careful how I handle liquids and food when hiking (salty jerky = good).

It has been quite a shift in focus, and there have been some changes with how I am handling what I eat.  I am using an increased daily calorie limit of 1760, and added in some carbs outside my Reward Meal.  Not just any carbohydrates, but apples or almonds (or a mix of nuts). I plan to add avocado as an acceptable addition at meals outside my Reward Meal as well.

This is all trial and error.  If I get cravings, if my weight does not stay in the 3 pound range I have chosen (an average weight of 150 to 153), then I will again adjust.

During this time, I also made the decision to close my business.  I want to move forward with other things in my life, it was just time.

I will post all my daily weights since the last time I posted them, and now do better at posting regularly again.