Working on the new “habit”

My weight this morning was 153.5 – given that I slept late, I felt this was too high.

I had a good day foodwise, and yes, I did get on my exercise bike!  I did 31 minutes, which I am happy with.  I want to work up to 45 minutes to an hour, then will begin adding resistance to each session.

I thought I would share what my menu will be for Easter.  I am so thankful I have learned how to plan food for a holiday that truly satisfies both my husband and myself, is delicious and on plan.

Brunch: a serving of Frittata Con Escarole e Formaggio (from the Buca di Bepo cookbook), coffee with 1 oz. half and half.  This is a cm dish (no flours or thickeners used).

Easter Dinner will be my Reward Meal (carbs allowed).

Salad of 2 cups romaine, 1 scallion, 2 stalks celery, 1 anchovy for extra flavor, and a new favorite – Litehouse Opa Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing.

Home cured (without sugars) and home smoked Ham
Mashed cauliflower
Leeks (homegrown) with a Mustard-Bacon Vinaigrette
1 tiny gluten-free Rudi’s brand Ciabatta Roll.
At least one Citrus Twist Mini Cheesecake (my recipe, promise to get this posted soon!).
I left room for chocolate, or I can have another little cheesecake.

The cheesecake has some of the flavors I adore from my Grandmother Anna’s recipe for Cassata – citrus zest, chocolate.  I’d love to have the original but it makes an ENORMOUS cake where each slice is about 10 inches tall (made in an angel food tin).  I am willing to settle for now, with my mini’s that feature some of the flavors.  Much easier for portion control, and weight loss/maintenance.

I encourage anyone reading my blog, worrying about how to handle this holiday, to just take the time to think of what family dishes, foods are those you most want to have this Easter, and either fiddle with how to control the portions (can you make a mini or a single serve version of a recipe), or how to change the recipe to make it more doable on your plan.  Working out what you will have ahead of time, really reduces any stress, so you can focus on the holiday, family and friends.

Current weight by average

As I end March of 2015, my weight this morning was 153.2, and my weight by average is 153.66.
I lost 1.6 pounds this past week. I erased the .3 of a pound I’d gained the previous week, and made more progress to my end goal.

I used my exercise bike today, that is a key goal for this week.  I want at least 3 days of dedicated exercise time per week from now on.

I keep trying to establish exercise as a new habit, and not making it.  I want to find how I can do so this time.


I have another new one day low today of 152.0.  I don’t care that this is just one tenth lower than yesterday!  This weight is from an hour earlier in the day, and it is that desired move closer to my goal of 146.

I am especially pleased because we have eaten out more times in one week this past week than usual.

We ate out last night as well, trying a new to us Mexican restaurant.

I had a house salad with ranch dressing on the side (good thing it was on the side because it came with more dressing than the usual 2 tablespoons).  I didn’t even use half of the dressing, and it was plenty for this large salad of iceberg, cheddar cheese shreds, mushrooms, green and red bell pepper.

My entrée was 2 chicken cutlets (unbreaded) that had been cooked in white wine and citrus juice, served with sautéed onions and fresh diced tomato atop.  I asked them to not bring the rice, beans and coleslaw it was supposed to come with.  Instead, they gave me a nice portion of sautéed vegetables – all of which were cm, except the carrots which I did not eat.  I noticed broccoli, cauliflower, yellow squash and zucchini.

I did have a dessert – a simple vanilla flan that came with 3 pretty dabs of whipped cream.
I honestly think this was too much food, and will adjust next time to skipping this dessert and simply have a piece of chocolate in the car on the way home or skip the house salad, and split a dessert with my husband.

Here I am!

Week in review!

On Monday 3/23, I was 155.3 – not happy to see that after Sunday’s new one day low, but relieved that my new weight by average was 154.9.  I had a .3 of a pound gain, and was grateful that was all.  Seeing the new low on Sunday of 152.5 was really encouraging.

Tuesday 3/24/15: 156.0
Wednesday 3/25/15: 155.0
Thursday 3/26/15: 153.4
Friday 3/27/15: 153.9
Saturday 3/28/15: slept late – 152.1, a new one day low.

We shall see what Sunday and Monday bring, but I am happy with this trending down cycle, albeit a slow trending down.

149 – I will see you soon!

The trend downward continues

I did sleep late today, and know what is why I was able to see such a new now – 152.5!  A new one day low, and my first time seeing a sub-153.

I am happiest because after 3 days of weights doing up last week, it has now been 3 days of my weight going down.  This is despite eating my Reward Meal out at a restaurant both Friday and Saturday.  It tells me I am doing a good job of what I am choosing, how I am balancing my Reward Meal, and staying within my daily calorie limit.

I will finally be posting before and “almost done” photos.  I went shopping at last for clothes that are an appropriate fit, and look/feel positively thin.  Amazing to feel this good about how I look after so many years of not wanting to look in the mirror unless it was just at my face.

Now this is a trend I like!

On Friday I was very happy to see a 154.8, back to being under 155!  I had begun an experiment on Thursday – taking a small amount of cider vinegar diluted in water just before my Reward Meal.  Allegedly this helps with processing the carbohydrates and helps keep insulin in check (here is an article from a few years ago on this:
Does Vinegar Kill Carbs?

I had my Reward Meal out last night, and right before we left the house, had my cider vinegar water.  I am SO pleased to see a 153.9 this morning!

This is significant, because it is the first sub-154 that I have seen when weighing at my usual time. I tend to sleep 2-3 hours later than usual on a Saturday.

My Reward Meal out was well balanced but much heavier than usual on the fats (a thyme butter on the salmon and a lovely garlic aioli with the potatoes.  Yes, I had potatoes and chocolate for dessert!).

I love this way of eating.  I swear I am having the most fun and the best food one could ask for while losing this weight!

Cold Medicines were not my friend

I have been under the weather for the past several days.  Taking a dose of Dayquil for a couple of days and a Nyquil one night.  I found myself with increased hunger and am not sure if it was the over the counter meds that triggered this or not.

My tea intake has been excellent, but not my water intake.  I just don’t like drinking cold liquids when I have a fever and chills!

My weight has been up – 155.8, then 155.5, then zipping up to 156.5 this morning.

I have found myself adding/wanting a CM snack in the evenings, but have used my exercise bike each time, to ‘earn’ extra calories.  This added snack could also be part of why my weight has gone up.

We shall see how the rest of this week goes!

Between busy and not feeling well…

This is two days of daily weights.  Yesterday I weighed 154.4, and this morning I weighed 155.6.  I am not surprised at today’s weight as I had a very rich RM brunch out yesterday and almost no water in.  I did get some exercise, and feel I made good choices at the brunch (it was a 3 course brunch – at an upscale restaurant.  I skipped the juices and pastries, chose a Caesar type salad for my starter, had eggs benedict with crab atop brioche bread with potatoes for my main, and brought the dessert I chose home for another day.).

My new weight by average is 154.6, and I am very happy with this!  I am now less than 9 pounds from goal.

I have the “crud” that is going around these parts, and that my husband brought home (poor fellow has been sick off and on since before Christmas.  We thought he was finally totally recovered from his probable pneumonia when this hit him.).

I have a boneless leg of lamb I am roasting later today (seasoned over night with a wet rub that if as good as it smells, I will post a link to in my Favorite Recipes – Links category).

For my Reward Meal tonight, I will have probably 8 oz. of roast lamb with salad, boiled fresh swiss chard and then the dessert I brought home from Sunday’s brunch – a slice of white chocolate macadamia nut bread pudding.

I think I will have a nice new weight by average on Monday

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and lemon cream
Not just for the holidays!

I did sleep in again, my weight this morning is 154.0.  I am happy with this, and with the special cm breakfast I planned to surprise my husband with today.  Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and lemon cream is such a divine, on plan breakfast!