I love it when I am disappointed by a daily weight that I would have been ecstatic about just a week ago!

I slept late this morning (it is Saturday after all), and hoped for a new low. Instead my weight had popped up a bit from yesterday’s 155.7 to 156.2.  I’m still happy with seeing a low 156ish weight!

Sun is out, hoping for a very enjoyable weekend, on plan.

My new to us recipes that I will be trying this week includes Fresh Spring Rolls with Thai Dipping Sauce, and a chicken version of Cuban Pot Roast.  I am also making the Chicken Bombs recipe.  You can find a link to both recipes in the Favorite Recipes – Links category.  It is soooooooooooo good and perfect for the grilling weather that is coming (you can also bake it, which is what I’m doing during this still rainy weather time).

Starting to put together a maintenance plan

I was quite surprised to see a weight of 155.7 again this morning, when weighing at my usual time.  Especially as I had my Reward Meal out at Applebee’s last night.  I can highly recommend their Napa Chicken with Portobello’s from their “Have it your way” lower calorie entree list.  While it was a bit heavy on the onions, it was also heavy on the mushrooms, good-sized grilled chicken breast, light on the sauce and potatoes.  The entire entrée was 500 calories, and very satisfying.  I added a side of steamed broccoli to it, and did indulge in a small dessert.

At this point, my husband and I are buying Mark Rippetoe’s book for beginning weight training, and we will be doing this together.

I need and want to tone what I have and build a lot more muscle.  Now that the fat is gone, I need to regain the muscle that I lost.   I want strong muscles around my knees and other joints.  I have issues including arthritis in my lower back and was just diagnosed with osteopenia, so strengthening the muscles around my bones, as well as strengthening my bones, is very much on my mind!

It’s all a matter of perspective

I am so excited to have seen a 155.7 this morning!

A childhood memory comes to mind that has me smiling.  My mother was very tall and slender when I was growing up, with lovely long legs and delicate ankles that I was so envious of.  I have, shall we say, “sturdy” ankles.  Not what I wanted but there is no way to cure these!
I remember the day she stood on the scales and literally shrieked.  She weighed 155 for the first time in her life, and was horrified.  At 5′ 8″ I don’t think that was so bad!

Here, at last, is a photo of the divine Cuban Pot Roast (that my husband and I are in agreement, will be made again soon, but with chicken).  Enjoy the view and do go to my Favorite Recipes – Links category and check out the recipe, if you have not yet done so!

Cuban Pot Roast
So flavorful!

Almost to 155!

I had a new one day low for my weight this morning, despite weighing early!  My weight was 156.2, and that’s getting close enough for me to be excited about seeing a 155 this week!

My plan for my Reward Meal is to have salad and Cuban Pot Roast.
As soon as I get this blog updated re it’s WordPress version, I should be able to post new photographs again, and will post a photo of just how luscious the recipe looks.

Have a great day!


Wonderful to see this weight

My weight this morning is 156.8.  I am extremely happy to once again be in the 156’s and would love to see a 155 in this next week.

Consistent 156’s would give me a lovely new weight by average next Monday, so that is the goal for this week.

Tip for a real pleasure as part of a Reward Meal:  I took 1 serving of Udi’s Gluten-Free French Baguettes, sliced it into rounds, cut up two Ile de France Brie Bites (see my review) to place atop.  Popped under the broiler until the cheese was bubbling and soft.  Let cool just a bit, divided one serving of a good quality (no corn syrup) apricot jam atop all, and really enjoyed!

brie bite
Just right little bite.

Back to my losing ways

I am very happy to report my weight (at the usual time) this morning was 157.0.
My new weight by 7 day average is 157.8, for a loss this past week of 1.57 pounds.

This represents losing what I’d gained last week, and advancing almost a half pound further towards my goal weight of 146.

I look forward to being able to say 10 pounds to goal soon!

Second day in the 156’s

I am very happy to see a 156.6 this morning.  Still slept later than I do during the week, so my weight tomorrow will be at least 1-1/2 hours earlier.

I am hopeful that I will see a slight loss for this past week.

Do check out my newest category, as I’m putting in another link to a fabulous chicken dish that we tried last night.

Almost in the single digits to goal!

I did sleep late this morning (one of the pleasures of “Saturday”),  so I don’t take this quite as seriously as I will when I see it at my usual 5 am time for weighing myself.

It is a new one day low of 156.4, which means I have just 10.4 pounds to my newly revised goal of 146!

I am beyond pleased after this thought provoking past week plus, to be moving back downwards.

Make no mistake, I realize I seem to do pretty well with losing, but realize that maintenance will be quite a new situation for me.  I am definitely thinking a lot about it – from visualizing, remembering my motives for losing and keeping all this weight off etc.

Happy to have a new one day low weight

I weigh daily, but consider my true weight, the average of 7.  I am happy that today’s weight is a new one day low of 157.2.

I needed to see that after the up and down past week.

The Cuban Pot Roast turned out so well – my husband pronounced it “company good”.