I feel like the poster child for slow loss

My weight this morning was 160.3, and my new weight by average, is 160.73.  I lost all of .11 of  a pound last week!

It is amazing how such a small number can feel good but not to the same degree as the unhappiness I would feel if it were a gain!

Life is chaotic at the moment, should be interesting to see if stress affects my weight this week.

Staying steady

My weight this morning is 160.1.  I should stay the same or have a slight loss when I get my weight by average, on Monday.

Experimenting with how I season a slow cooker pork loin roast today.  I hope it turns out tasty!

Lunch cm will be a 0 carb salmon spread I found with raw celery sticks, breakfast cm was miracle noodles with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese and a diced turkey sausage.

Weight for today and my Reward Meal Brunch

This morning is 160.9.  Not my favorite number of the week!

I wanted to share an example of what I do when eating out for a Reward Meal breakfast.

My husband took me to a favorite restaurant of ours that only serves breakfast on the weekend.

I chose the Crab Benedict with a small side salad as my side.
The English muffin was dry (yay), two poached eggs, about 2 oz. of fresh crab meat and a small amount of hollandaise sauce and that was a lovely meal, that was not high in carbohydrates, included protein and low carb veggies.  Simple and delicious choice.

Sometimes you just have to laugh and go with it

Yesterday and today are the lowest daily weights I have seen in many years  – almost 30!

But it does make me chuckle.  I am 160.0.  How much closer can I get to the 150s without being there?  No closer, and so I am laughing.

I am keeping to my plan, keeping on with the belief that my body will get to the 150s when it is darned ready to, and not a moment before.

My cm breakfast today was 2 eggs over easy, cooked in 1 tsp. of unsalted butter. 1 cherry tomato, 1 slice smoked gouda cheese melted atop the eggs.  1 oz. half and half with my coffee.

My cm lunch is: 2 oz. (raw weight) cooked ground beef, sautéed with 1 cup (raw measurement) diced cabbage. 1 wedge Laughing Cow cheese melted into the mix, and 1 package Miracle Noodles brand fettucine.

Planned Reward Meal is:
2 cups romaine lettuce
2 stalks celery
1 scallion
1 cherry tomato
1 serving Litehouse Jalapeno Ranch dressing.
10 oz. (raw wt) boneless chicken thigh (with skin -which is rare for me), baked
1 cup cooked, plain boiled fresh zucchini
1 chocolate croissant
1 oz. half and half with my coffee.

I think it is going to be one of those weeks

My weight this morning was again 161.9.  I guess I’m going to have a slight gain to stay the same week.

What is most important to me is being on plan, knowing I’m eating appropriately, and feeling satisfied.  The weight will come off, so long as I keep on.

Planning my meals carefully, cooking good things (making a batch of bone broth at the moment) & adjusting my choices (realizing I’m going back to Brown Cow brand yogurts  -from one I so love that adds sugar and is quite ‘calorie expensive’ by comparison).  That is my plan for the rest of this week.

Not exciting weight today

I tried an experiment last night – for my Reward Meal carb I had a fruit yogurt and an orange.  My weight is up this morning to 161.9.

I will try that experiment again, but at the moment, I have to wonder if that is the cause of this tiny swing up.

Sigh.  I really want to see 150s only!

Stress and Carbohydrates

My weight this morning was 161.0.  While not as enticing as 160+, I am on track for a very nice loss this week.

I am trying to really pay attention to what my body’s response is when eating out.  What can I handle re the balance of carbohydrates, protein and low carbohydrate vegetables at my Reward Meal.  Wondering how much I can increase my intake of healthy carbohydrates with nutritional value such as nuts, avocados and fruit.

I noticed at one restaurant Reward Meal that my pushing the boundaries – small portion of quinoa with amaranth plus 2 very small pitas and half a dessert was WAY too much.  I had previously had half of this same dessert but a different entrée, without issue.  Next time, I go for the salmon – no breads, no grains, and maybe something different re a dessert to share?

My stress levels are up due in part to a husband who is not well and not shaking his illness as quickly as he and I would like, to the various bits of chaos life is currently sprinkling over each day.

My best method for dealing with this is to see that I may be in a ‘dangerous’ time, make my best on plan meals, and really watch for any signs of feeling “hungry” when my tummy says “no, actually I’m full”.

If I hadn’t weighed early…

I think I’d have seen a sub-160 this morning.  But I did weigh early, and my weight is 160.8.  I am on track for a nice loss when I do my seven- day averaging of weights on Monday!

I am especially proud of this when I have had my Reward Meal dinner out for the past two nights.  It reassures me I am doing a good job with my choices and sticking to CALP principles.

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So very close to the 150s

I am so pleased to have a new one day low this morning (second day of new lows!).  My weight is 160.2, and I didn’t sleep late.

I am especially pleased when I see a new low after having had my Reward Meal out at a restaurant, as I did yesterday.  This tells me I did a good job with my choices (chicken burger for the win, with salad, and bacon on that burger..yum).