Christmas and daily weight since

I promised to share what we had for our Christmas da menu.  My weight that morning was 165.2.

Our cm brunch was:
scrambled eggs
1 paleo-no added carbs crab cake
1 serving Lemon Cream
6 spears plain steamed asparagus
1 oz. half and half with my coffee.

Christmas Reward Meal:
large salad of romaine, celery, scallion
1 serving Litehouse Jalapeno Ranch dressing.
Mashed cauliflower (plain, nothing added.  Just boiled and mashed fresh cauliflower)
1 Savory Citrus Pepper Oopsie Roll
8 oz. of home cured, brined fresh ham (no sugars used whatsoever) with a sugar-free mustard and clove glaze (again, no sugars)
1 Hungarian Nut Roll (homemade)
1 oz. homemade Swedish Spiced Vodka
Coffee with 1 oz. half and half.

Day after Christmas weight was: 168.1 (!).  Not enough water, and salty ham is my thought as to why, and more carbs per rm than usual.
Saturday 12/27/14 weight: 167.9
Today my weight is 168.2.

I wish my weight were not up, but this is a learning process.
As I get closer to maintenance, it is interesting to see how my body responds when I am having a higher carb count at my Reward Meal.

Almost Christmas Eve

I woke up and weighed a couple of hours early, so was not that surprised to see a 166.1.  I know I’m on plan, and that I will see that number head back down.

I’ve my menu planned for the next two days, and am all done with the minimal holiday goodies I chose to bake.  Both (one cookie, one more of a pastry in my opinion) are freezeable, so I’m not worried about that “don’t want to waste it” excuse.  Nothing will be wasted, and all will be enjoyed on plan!

I will post a food log for Christmas, just to share how I handle the holidays.  I would have shared Thanksgiving but had blog software issues.

Just one more mini-goal to go

My weight this morning – despite weighing almost 2 1/2 hours early, is 165.1.  My new weight by average is 165.72, for a loss this past week of 2.53 pounds.

I have now lost over 202 pounds!  My next to last mini-goal that I’ve just met is to have an average of 166 or less.

My last mini-goal is to be 150.
Final goal is 140 – just over 25 pounds to go!

Everything is fine with me, with my blog software, not so much

I am sorry for the delay in posts since the day before Thanksgiving, but my blog program was not working properly, and my tech support (aka husband) was working out of state for most of the month!

It would seem things are working again, so in a quick catch up:
11/27/14 Thanksgiving weight: 171.9
11/28/14 weight: 172.1
11/29/14 weight:  170.8
11/30/14 weight: 170.1
12/01/14 weight: 170.5 and since that was Monday, my new weight by average was 171.53, which was a .44 of a pound gain.

12/02/14 weight: 170.5
12/03/14 weight: 171.4 (woke up early, very early, with a health issue)
12/04/14 weight: 169.1 <——-new one day low
12/05/14 weight: 168.4 <——-new one day low
12/06/14 weight: 166.6 <——-new one day low  It was as if my body finally said, “okay fine, if you really aren’t quitting, I might as well let you out of the 170s”
12/07/14 167.0
12/08/14 167.7 and since this was Monday, my new weight by average: 168.67, for a 2.86 of a pound loss.

12/09/14 weight: 169.5
12/10/14 weight: 170.3 (sigh)
12/11/14 weight: 171.0 (I was NOT going to give in)
12/12/14 weight: 167.4
12/13/14 weight: 165.4 <——- new one day low
12/14/14 weight: 165.5
12/15/14 weight: 165.5 and since this was Monday, my new weight by average: 167.80 Meaning I officially have lost just over 200 pounds!!!

12/16/14 weight: 165.7
12/17/14 weight: 165.4
12/18/14 weight: 165.8
12/19/14 weight: 165.1
12/20/14 weight: 165.7
12/21/14 weight: 164.1 <———–new one day low