Daily weights as of day before Thanksgiving

I was surprised to see a weight on Tuesday 11/25 of 172.0 and stunned to see a weight of 173.3 today.

I can only think that it’s my lack of water drinking, an unusual late eve snack for me (on plan, but still, not my usual habit to eat so late).

I am on plan, and will just keep on, paying attention that I’m getting enough water intake and accurately measuring & weighing, and balancing my meals.

Latest weight by average

My daily weight on Monday, November 24th, was 171.5.  My weight by average is 171.09, which was a gain of .20 of a pound.

I do not want to see two weeks with a gain, so will be careful this week, especially with this favorite holiday of mine occurring.

Sunday and a surprise Reward Meal

On Sunday, November 23rd, my weight was 171.3, not a bad swing given the lunch out the day before.

My husband surprised me by telling me he was taking me out to dinner that day, telling me early enough that I could plan calories for the day.

We went to a restaurant that posts all the calories for its products, and I was extremely happy to have a Bison Burger (with bun), coleslaw and 1/2 of a dessert that I shared with my husband.

Sometimes I think I am getting this whole eat out and not go crazy thing down pretty well!

What a Day it was – Saturday November 22nd, 2014

On Saturday November 22nd, my weight was 170.9.  I was happy to see a sub-171 again.  I ended up out to lunch that day, so it was my Reward Meal.  I have a love of scalloped oyster casserole for Thanksgiving, which over the years, I’ve changed to simply having just before or after the holiday.  This year, we went out for oysters (for me, husband not such a fan).

I think I handled the meal well.  It was an exquisite restaurant, over 80 years old with dark woods and lovely furniture, and a great view of Tacoma and part of Puget Sound.  I ate two small pieces of the fried Calamari appetizer my husband got, and had Oysters Christian as my entrée.  This was lightly breaded oysters, sautéed summer squash, zucchini and red pepper.  It was supposed to come over a rice pilaf, but instead was atop mashed potatoes.  I do best re my blood sugar when I have rice or rice-based products.  I ate about half of the potatoes, my estimate is a half of a cup.
I split a thin slice of a fudgey chocolate cake.  Coffee with half and half.

I had some sugar-free brined pork wieners and sugar-free sauerkraut for my evening low carb meal.

I felt really happy with how I handled this meal out.  It is always not just the choice of what would taste good, it’s about the choice to feel as good after the meal, as I did while consuming it!

Looks like I’m staying right on the cusp for awhile

I’m so close to being in the 160s, but it seems I won’t get there this week.

My weight this morning is 171.2, which is a bit disappointing, but not that surprising.

I, as usual, need to drink more water and get my oh so much smaller behind on my exercise bike!

More Catch-Up!

I apologize, it’s been a stressful and sad at the end of it all, past week.

My weights have been Thursday, 11/13/14 a swing up to 172.5, Friday 11/14/14 170.1, Saturday 11/15/14 – a new one day low and my first sight of a sub-170: 169.4.
Sunday 11/16/14 170.1, and Monday my weight was 170.5, and new weight by average is 170.89, for a loss this past week of 2.54 pounds.

So far this week, Tuesday 11/18/14 170.5, Wednesday 11/19/14 171.4, and today, 170.8.  I sense this will be a hold the same or lose about a quarter of a pound week.  I will take it.

If you are still reading my blog, thank you.  I appreciate it.


Catch-Up..and I don’t mean the tomato stuff…

So, on Monday November 10th, my weight was 173.4, and my new weight by average was 173.43, for a loss this past week of .21 of a pound.

I will always be happy about a loss, any size loss!

Tuesday, Veteran’s Day, my weight was 172.7, and I had dinner out to celebrate the holiday with my husband, who is a veteran. I had a lovely Cobb Salad, and a KIND dark chocolate-nut bar for dessert.  I was careful with my breakfast and lunch and am very happy to say, the dinner out did not cause a swing up in weight.

Today, I had a new one day low!  I was ecstatic to see a 170.9!  I am so close to the 160s, and to 168, when I can say I’ve lost 200 pounds.

I can’t wait for that day, and am so pleased I’ve been able to do this, as I wished, without surgery or medications.

Trust me, I’m not some iron-willed woman!  I simply found my compelling reason, and a plan that lets me feel satisfied and healthy.  It’s been a fairly easy way to lose the weight.

I am thankful.


Week hangs in the balance

I’ve had 3 days in the past 6, where my daily weight is higher than my last weight by average.
But the 3 that were not higher, were all sub-173’s, including a new one day low yesterday.

My weight this morning is 172.5, and I hope for a sub-173 weight tomorrow morning, for a slight loss this past week.

I am sooooooooooo looking forward to seeing a 171 and 170!

The hungries have stopped, so I am slowly getting back to feeling like myself – hungry, eating, content for hours, then hungry, have a meal etc.

So needed to see a new one day low

I was extremely happy to see a nice new one day low for my weight this morning – 172.2.

I am glad I have not given in to the surprising “I’m hungry” feelings this past week, when I knew I was not.

I’ve continued on plan, unhappy with some of my daily weights, but knowing this plan still works for me, even as I get close to my goal weight.  Just stay the course, and I will get there.

What’s Cooking This Week

Seriously yummy stuffed flank steak.
A first attempt at butterflying and stuffing a flank steak.

Since Tuesday, lots has been “cooking”.  I’ve realized I’m under increased stress right now (ill kitties, very busy spouse who I miss spending more time with, etc.), and I’m beginning to have a physical response.

I’m feeling “hungry”.  I’m feeling hungry when my tummy feels full.  So, I know it’s not a true hunger, it’s a reaction to what happens when I’m under enough stress and all that can mean.

Here is a quote that is appropriate!
“4) Cortisol contributes to, and may directly cause cravings.
•Stress hormones are associated with what neuroscientists refer to as the craving brain. This is a state that is often activated under stress, where the brain’s short term reward centers are activated and the motivation centers are turned down.
•Cortisol interacts directly or indirectly with neuropeptide Y (NPY), stimulating appetite. (Further reading HERE and HERE.)
•Cortisol is associated with the desire for sweet, salty and fatty foods.”
The article is Hormones & Stress: Cortisol by Jade Teta, April 2, 2013, published on www.metaboliceffect.com  

It is salty and fatty that I am finding I am “hungry” for.

My daily weights this week are all over the place.
Tuesday: 174.1
Wednesday: 174.3
Thursday: 173.2 – I liked this!
Friday: 174.3.

I’m recognizing what is going on, and sometimes I am “feeding” the hunger with a cm snack that is salty and higher in fat, but my main strategy is to have really well put together meals that are on plan and within my calorie limit.  And tons of green tea.  I find it tastes great and keeps me feeling full.

The photo is of a recipe I am working on refining, but even this first attempt was just delicious.  It got my husband’s full approval, which given his superior palate is quite the compliment.