It is official! I have lost just over 190 pounds!

Bird having a snack.
Having a nibble.

Yesterday’s weight was 178.5, and this morning my weight was 177.6.

My new weight by 7 day average is 177.89, for a loss this past week of .9 of a pound.

My total now lost is 190.11.  I have 37.89 pounds to goal.  I couldn’t be happier except to say I’ve reached my goal of weighing 140 pounds, and I’m eating much more than ‘bird food’.  Hah!

Busy week – here is how I am doing

Wednesday September 24th, I was out and about for the day – my weight that morning was 178.8.

Thursday September 25th, my husband surprised me by taking the day off and taking me out for a day of walking and photography.  My weight was a new one day low of 177.1.

Yesterday, the 26th, my weight swung up to 178.4, due in part to a marvelous dinner of fried seafood on Thursday.

This morning, albeit I slept late, my weight is 177.4.

Monday I will get my new weight by average, I do expect up to a 1 lb. loss for this past week.

1,2,3 and a new one day low

Sunday was my highest weight of the past week.  I was 179.4 and not a happy camper, as I have no desire to ever see a 180 something again.
Spent over an hour on a 2 mile walk on Sunday, and was much happier with my weight on Monday.

Monday’s weight was 178.4, and my new weight by average is now 178.79, for a total lost to date of 189.21 pounds, and with 38.79 pounds to lose to reach my goal!

This morning is a new one day low, and my first sighting of a sub-178!  I am 177.4 this morning, which means, at least for today, I’m at 190 pounds off!

I hope and intend to be at 168 or lower before Christmas – that is my 200 pounds lost mark, and will leave me with just 28 pounds to lose to reach goal.

Maybe moving us further down the path to figuring out why such an increase in diabetes?

Artificial Sweeteners may leave their uses glucose intolerant? by John Timmer, published on on Sept. 17th, 2014.

Dr. Richard and Dr. Rachel Heller warned of potential issues with artificial sweeteners in the plan I follow – Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program.  I am so glad I listened!

Though clearly more studies are needed, I thought this article provided a lot of ‘food for thought’.

No one can dispute that there has been a large and alarming increase in diabetes in the US.  Perhaps, this is yet another reason why.  It surely is why you will see me only using real sugar, honey, maple syrup when I do use a sweetener.

Real food, cooked from scratch.  I believe from the bottom of my heart, this is the only way to go.


Two Days, each a new one day low!

I’ve really enjoyed seeing these numbers yesterday and today!  Yesterday’s weight was a new low of 178.5, and this morning is another new low (albeit so slight) of 178.4.

I can’t wait to weigh under 175.  At that point I move from my current status as “obese” to “overweight”.  I will be the happiest “overweight” person you know!