It was a Wonderful Birthday

We spent the day walking through rose test gardens (in Portland, OR) the colors, the aroma of roses in the air, it was heavenly.

I was still a bit sore from hiking on Sunday, and got enough walking in to again have muscles alert me to their tired presence.

Food went well on Monday, and my weight yesterday am was 187.2, my new weight by average is 187.33, for a 2.27 pound loss last week, and a total now lost of 180.67 pounds.

Despite being on plan and exercising a lot (for me) the past couple of days, my weight did swing up this morning to 188.8.  I expect with plenty of fluids and home cooking, this will drop soon!

It is wonderful to know that by my birthday next year, I will have been at my goal weight of 140 for a couple of months, and be working on building muscle and strength.  I can’t stop ageing, but I can certainly take good care of my body along the way.


Best birthday present

I made my goal of being in the 180s (by averaged weight as well as my daily weights), and am so pleased.

My weight this morning is 186.9, and I’ve a lot of exercise planned for today.

I will get my weight by average tomorrow (my birthday!).  I know I have a decent loss for this past week (decent as in more than a half a pound).

Great two days!

Yesterday mornings weight was 188.8, and I was pleased that at the Doctor’s office, my weight was 189.6 – not bad for being fully clothed and post breakfast!

This morning was a wonderful surprise.  A new one day low of 187.4!

I would love for this to be a whoosh week!

Busy weekend – 3 days of daily weights

On Friday July 18th, we were at a Lavender festival for the day.  My weight that morning was 190.0.

Saturday was an equally hectic day, and my weight that day was 189.8.  I had my Reward Meal out both Saturday and Sunday.

This is what I love about this way of eating.  Despite those two Reward Meals out at a restaurant, today, the 20th of July, I had a new low daily weight.  My weight today is 188.5 – my first time seeing the 188’s in way, way too many years.

I don’t expect to see a drastically lower weight by average tomorrow, but I do expect to see a loss.