Birthday present here I come!

I sure did have a whoosh week last week!

My weight this morning is 191.0, and my new averaged weight is 191.67, for a loss this past week of 3.79 pounds!

My total lost is now 176.33 pounds!

The birthday present I am heading towards is a 180’s weight by average before my birthday on the 28th.

Whoosh Whoosh baby!

Whee!  I am having a whoosh week!  Today is my third one day low this past week.  I weight 190.0 this morning!

Of course, now I wait for the day I see an upswing.  I know it’s coming.

For today, I have lost 178 pounds, with 52 pounds to goal.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Second new one day low for the week

I am delighted to say that my weight was 191.4 this morning!

I now “believe” I will be in the 180s soon – both on a single day, and by average.  Once I hit 188, I will have less than 50 pounds to go.

It’s working.  Thank you lord, after 3+ years I am getting into the home stretch of losing 228 pounds.

What happens after?  I learn about actually doing yoga, enjoy whatever 5k walks I can find, learn about using light weights for strengthening and toning.

Food Log for Tuesday June 25th, 2014

CM Breakfast:
1 -5th Street Grill Italian Turkey Sausage with onions and peppers
1/2 ounce half and half

CM Veggie:
1 large raw radish

CM Lunch:
1 -5th Street Grill Italian Turkey Sausage with onions and peppers

CM Veggie:
2 cups red leaf lettuce (homegrown!)
1 scallion
1 celery stick

1 serving Basil Vinaigrette

RM Dinner:
Salad: None

CM Veggie:
grilled asparagus

Approximately 7 ounces grilled fresh salmon
1 ounce half and half

1 Top Pot Raspberry glazed chocolate cake doughnut
(the top doughnut small local chain in this state.  I’ve never been in my almost 20 years here).

Note: The recipe I’ve linked to for Basil Vinaigrette is well worth the slight time it takes to make.  It is, in a word, superb.


So nice to see a 192+

Very pleased to see a 192.9 this (just squeaked in under 193) morning.

I am posting yesterday’s food log to show what a wonderful Reward Meal out at a restaurant can be, and that I can then still have  one of my lowest daily weights.

Of course, I may see a swing up tomorrow, as it can take 48 hours for the impact of what I’ve been eating, to take effect.


Back to losing…yes!

My weight this morning is the lowest it’s been since June 6th.  So nice to see a 194.3.

My new average is 195.46 – which means I lost what I’d gained last week, and am now 1-100th of an ounce lighter than the previous week.  My new low..hah!

I am hopeful of seeing 193s and 192s this week.  Time to get moving again, I want to be in the 180s this next month.

Three good days

I am pleased that this morning my weight is 195.3, though that is partially because I slept in and weighed later than usual.

I was pleased to see a sub-196 because last night I had an unusual treat for my Reward Meal – a mini blizzard from Dairy Queen.  It fit into my calorie allotment  for the day and the size was more than adequate!

My days of thinking that more was always better seem (knock on wood) to be truly over!