Just as I suspected…

I only needed to watch my balance at my daily RM (reward meal), drink more fluids, and my weight would correct itself from the temporary upswing I had.

From a ghastly high of 211.5 this past Monday, I’ve gone to today’s new one day low – 205.5.

I am smiling.

Back to the 207s!

So happy to be back to what I feel is my real current weight.  I weighed 207.7 this morning.

I now am hopeful of seeing a 206 again soon, and maybe a new low in the next 4-5 days.

I did this by simply drinking lots of fluids, and watching my salt intake, and just one complex carb at my RM instead of 3-4!

Feeling better as the swing heads down

Glad to see a 209.4 this am, though I quickly want to be back in the 207s.  This is why I average 7 days of weights to get a weight by average.  I didn’t really “gain” up to 211+, and I didn’t really “lose” 2.1 pounds overnight.

I did lose some retained water, by drinking lots of fluids yesterday and watching my salt intake.

Easter and the day after

Easter Sunday my weight was 209.3.  I think the lesson here is that as I know, if I don’t drink enough water, and eat lots of salty foods, I “gain” weight.

Today, my weight was a shocking 211.5.  I know it’s not a real weight, but truly didn’t expect to see it.

I did not “take a day off”, but over the past week, there were several days where instead of my usual 1 or 2 complex carbs as part of my RM, I had 3-4.